Attention to detail for a unique art in the world

The great will and passion of a twentyseven-year-old boy, the unforgettable kindness of an elegant gentlemen, the immense goodness and patience of an old teacher; the perfect.

The stylist Giuliano, his historical master, Lina, the young shirt tailor Matteo. A beautiful story, made of mangy years of sacrifices, hands ruined by needles, and an endless common passion. Many days spend learning , looking , cutting and sewing , the immeasurable love for fabrics, and research, have led to Cesaroni Aterlier.


A Boutique in the heart of Pesaro,where shirts are cut and hand-sewn according to ancient methods and traditions. Everything comes from the direct relationship with the shirt tailor we Matteo, who first tries to understand together with the client ,hies which fabric is looking for and then takes the
measurements personally; he will out by shirt by hand then knead you by hand,*** do the test to the customer and finish it according to the changes made in the test. The buttonholes are sewn by hand with a buttonhole, the buttons are hand-sewn “crow’s feet”, and every little finish is done by hand.
Much importance is also given to ironing the shirts.

The continuous search for high quality fabrics is the basis of this great castle; from Egyptian cotton, to Irish Linen, from sports shirts to ceremonial ones. Inside the Atelier Cesaroni each client is immersed in this reality where he will feel master of his own style. A total respect for the culture of handmade, and its Masters.